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WAP development services    

Mobile device industry has shown a potential growth through out the world and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) has proven its value when delivering content to such devices. We at Hansons Pakistan can transform your existing websites and web applications for mobile devices. Weather its a simple website, a portal or an electronic store front, we rebuild it keeping in mind the limitations and requirement for user friendliness.
About WAP
WAP or Wireless Application Protocol, is the de facto worldwide standard for providing Internet communications and advanced telephone service on digital mobile phones, pagers, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices. WAP is now enabled on over 500 devices with new models being released every day. Manufacturers are expecting over 100 million compatible devices to be shipped worldwide by 2001. WAP is receiving extensive media coverage and is experiencing an explosive growth in a number of WAP enabled devices. Growth of WAP enabled devices far exceeds web enabled devices, as most new mobile phones are WAP enabled.
WAP Potential For Your Business
WAP Development services can be used for a number of purposes. Of course you can allow customers to dial in via their mobile phone and get a quotation, but you could also use it to share information to your workforce. Imagine if your sales agents could quickly gather information other agents have recorded about your competition? What if he/she knew what the competition were offering BEFORE they went in to see potential clients? We can develop mobile solutions for any purpose to suit your needs. We can extend your E-Commerce application to run on mobile phones. You could even have your sales force update the website themselves!
We offer following WAP services
Development and maintenance of WAP Internet sites and applications.
Database driven dynamic sites using ASP, PHP with WAP.
Back end administration systems for real time updating of information.
E-Commerce systems.
On-Line stores with shopping carts.
WAP and your On-Line strategy
We believe it is important that WAP be a part of your on-line presence and marketing strategy. Some advantages of deploying this technology are as follows:
Extend your business model by targeting a huge untapped market of mobile customers.
End users benefit by having ability to access your company data, maps and directions, contact information, and more without a land line, Internet connection, or even a computer from any location providing mobile service worldwide.
Personnel and sales representatives can access your Intranet site (restricted access) to get the latest price lists, order status, production schedule, stock level and other company information.
Position your company as a progressive organization that embraces new technology to increase market share, customer service, communication and reduce costs.
WAP is being aggressively promoted and deployed by most major events and large companies, such as sporting, financial reporting and tracking systems.
WAP is implemented on many different hand-held digital wireless devices, such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radios, smart phones, and communicators, it is backed by over 80% of mobile industry.
WAP is a standardized protocol (like HTTP), it has the largest possible range of compatibility among devices. This technology will have a long life span and will no doubt carry over into next generation of mobile phones.
Contact us for your WAP development enquiries.
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